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[edit] The Region of WWSETI

Forum: None
Population: 1 nations
Delegate: None
Founder: Hagge
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

WWSETI is a region in NationStates from which Liberalia is descended. WWSETI was founded in October 2003 and is hence one of the very oldest regions in the game. Founded by Hagge, WWSETI was intended to be a region with a science and technology theme, with some connotations with the United States of America. Today, WWSETI is a Township of the Global Right Alliance, but it has not always been this way.

WWSETI was a relatively prosperous region with a population high of around 70-80 just before the Christmas Revolution. However, throughout its history it was plagued by arguments and various attempts to overthrow its leader, Hagge, who was unelected. These were carried out by Four Hectares and Julio Trigman, who were ejected from the region for an attempted takeover while Hagge was on holiday. They later returned in the form of puppets to plague the region regularly. The angry spats between Hagge, and Trigman's other regional home, the United Federation of Planets, which had a Star Trek theme, led to the nation "Hagge" being deleted by the NS Moderators.

Following this, WWSETI went through a somewhat unstable period in which Hagge concentrated on his holdings in other regions and CTR, leader of the nation of Meteoric Peoples, became President of the region. In autumn 2005, CTR committed WWSETI to its first democratic parliamentary system, which was to finally give the members of the region their own voice. Carops was elected Prime Minister of WWSETI in November.

The new Centrist Party government of WWSETI was rapidly faced with problems. The regional admin staff was comprised of CTR, Hagge and Morpheus, a close friend of Hagge in real life. However, quickly Morpheus began to abuse his power, delete posts, and openly insult Carops and other members of the government, who were powerless to stop him. Eventually, following a long and bitter exchange, it became clear that the admin staff of the WWSETI forum were to run the region, and not the government. Hagge made clear that the government was not in charge, but he was, and he made took away mod rights from the Speaker of Parliament, among others, making regional democracy impossible. As a result, parliament collapsed, and Carops, Ardalia, and Loslakia declared a revolution to form a government-in-exile, opposed to the dictatorship which Hagge had established. This is what became known as "The Christmas Revolution"

After this, the region of WWSETI remained under the control of the remnants of the Hagge regime. CTR maintained his position as delegate of WWSETI and its President, while also passwording the region and closing it to the outside world. CTR however, eventually left the region to pursue his political aims in the Global Right Alliance and WWSETI fell into virtual total decline after the deletion of all of Hagge's other nations for further offences under the NS rules. CTR's last statement as president of WWSETI can be found still on the Liberalia forum.

Subsequently, Liberalia made WWSETI a Protectorate region on the request of Materialist Ontology, the surviving regional leader. This sparked the return of CTR, who campaigned ferociously as "Typing" on the Liberalia forum for the release of WWSETI from the protectorate treaty. So sick were the general population by the actions of Typing, that a vote was held in which they voted to drop WWSETI and remove all ties with it. Two schools of thought had developed at this time, one headed by Carops which called for a retreat from WWSETI, and one headed by Farlane which called for the continuation of the treaty. In the end, Farlane, who was Prime Minister at the time, took WWSETI on as a "Personal Project," which led to the Global Right Alliance, asked by CTR, invading the region, overthrowing the Liberalian delegate and installing their own, before ejecting Liberalian nations. WWSETI subsequently became a Township of the GRA. Bizarrely, Julio Trigman later became Mayor of WWSETI, and remains so to this day.

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